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Treating acne can help to prevent the possibility of scars left by these skin blemishes. Untreated acne can produce scars of various shapes, and they might be called pockmarks or ice-picks. The texture ranges from shiny to rough.


The ideal course of treatment aims to prevent scarring, which can have a serious psychological effect on the person in various social or business settings. Depression is another common side-effect of scarring caused by acne that wasn’t properly treated.


Each treatment plan is determined on an individual basis, and our experience demonstrates that a combination of methods often yields the best results. Scars on the face can reduce anyone’s self-esteem, and this is one of the main concerns of anyone who has experienced a severe case of acne in the past. Scarring from acne outbreaks can last for a lifetime.


Elizalde Medspa & Wellness can help you with acne scar treatment, as well as future prevention

Elizalde Medspa & Wellness
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